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CBD Hemp Seed Oil 5%

This oil, made from high-quality hemp seeds and extract.

This easy-to-administer oil with 5% CBD is perfect for daily use.

This oil, available in three sizes, can be bought direct from Cibodol:

As with all Cibdol products, the CBD Hemp Seed Oil 5% contains no additional chemicals, additives, or preservatives.Making it perfect for anybody looking for a natural and authentic hemp experience.

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Liposomal CBD Oil 4%

4% might seem as a low concentration of CBD, but the benefits are comparable to Cobdol’s 20% traditional oil.

Cibdol’s sophisticated formula ensures a more potent dose of CBD, and what’s more, a fast-acting and sustained one at that.

Cibdol’s Liposomal CBD Oil comes in 10ml bottles:

The diverse collection of compounds within Cibdol’s liposomal formula makes it the ideal choice for most users to get started.​

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