Brewer’s Yeast Being Used to Produce Cannabidiol​ (CBD)

Brewer’s Yeast Being Used to Produce Cannabidiol​ (CBD)
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Brewer’s Yeast Being Used to Produce Cannabidiol (CBD)

By combining brewer’s yeast with genes from the cannabis plant, researchers have got yeast to produce cannabinoids.

In their paper, Yeast Biosynthesis of Cannabinoids from Nature Jay KEASLING, et al. demonstrate how they are able to produce CBD and other cannabinoids with brewer’s yeast.

This method can help with CBD production in a multitude of ways.

Initially, reducing the time and resources needed to produce CBD.

It allows us to produce pure cannabinoids, traditional cultivation does not isolate the CBD. Although the strains of cannabis used have high levels of CBD compared to THC, trace levels of THC are found in most CBD oils and products.

Furthermore, this process can enable in-depth study of the 100 or more cannabinoids present in lower levels in the plant.

Customised Oils

As outline this method will enable us to manufacture cannabis products to an individuals preferences or needs.

Customising the ratio of CBD to THC, and eventually other cannabinoids and terpenes (Terpenes are what give weed its characteristic smell). Both of which may play a role in the overall effect.

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